About us

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originally fromBelgium where I studied Theater and Acting, now based in Berlin. After finishing the BA-program at HZT a few years back, working with Performance Arts in various projects and venues in and outside Berlin. And involved in several ongoing Dance Performances in Brussels.
Reza Mirabi
having spent 7 years in India, working intensely with body, mind and beyond, I am back in Berlin since 1,5 years. Now working for several Choreographers and Dance Makers as well as Visual Artists in Galleries and Exhibition spaces. Putting more focus on Dance Making and practice research. 

We see living and art-making as bounded together and we think that the surrounding we work in is as influential and moulding as our own created platform.

We also are interested in a strong exchange between all artists from the different backgrounds, to use each other as portals; to address recent happenings in a solidary way, to be in an interrelation with the happenings but to not loose sight of the imaginary; utopia needs to be on the map. Maintaining unrealistic expectations, dancing the impossible dance. There is an importance of the dream as a reservoir. The room for all our tomorrows; to become irrationalists that openly reject aspects of rationalism. The choice of Impracticality and Irrationality is provocative and opens a huge sphere of variables and alternatives that are not accessible otherwise

To partake rituals and ceremonies to let our bodies reverberate and thematise the situations that are problematic, to dance the pain and hope. Developing and sharing a cooperative practice to deliberately enter liminal spaces, become spectacles, become invisible or become seen, become lost, become brave in being lost.


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