_Joseph Beuys 

joseph_beuys__coyote__performance__1974-13F21051BA9335A858A(and the art of punk)

artist as activist

radical or liberal

‘when you have that feeling of danger and commitment to art

and very rarely do action and art come together’  -Black Flag

unrest, chaos, rebellion, pushing against everything you got

it freaks people out, it makes people uncomfortable

it’s about the truth, it’s about the real thing

not playing by any rules

twisted ideas

_depicting the sickness of society, political violence and social injustice

Even the simple act of putting up flyers and banners that are powerful that are offensive, that might offend people that are mysterious that make you feel like there is something going on that I don’t know about that spark an imagination.

sculpture social_art’s potential to transform society


make or represent a form by carving, casting, or other shaping techniques

A direct impact of art on people or the environment, Art that is working with what is there; the known and the unknown.

social interactions that are somewhat disturbing, resistant,

demanding or confusing to using the fabric of society itself to make an artwork versus a material, a product; sculpting through humans.

before you decide what you are doing with people you look at what people are doing already and you decide to change it somehow, you take things you don’t like about society, that are oppressive or toxic and then you decide to change them through direct action and manipulation of form or people.

making ripples in the placid pool


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