irrationality and risk as an access point for the restructuring of social and economical norms:

“Irrationality is thus a means of freeing the mind toward purely imaginative solutions, to break out of historic patterns of dependence into new patterns that allow one to move on.”

– Surrealist Manifesto, André Breton


How to be irrational? What is an irrational movement? Can we create an irrational space? Where is the tangent between Irrationality and Impracticality? What significance has ‘risk’ in this context?

Since our birth we have been conditioned to practicality and rationality. We are given names, gender, ages, birthdays …-based on logic and practicality. Our social, political and economical functioning are based upon, and have raised us to take practicality and rationality as evident.

We want to develop a practice that creates and gains access to an irrational space. This space will be participatory and open, as we are inviting others to enter it and explore its potential.